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2011-08-06 10:36:03 by Baby3ater

I don't know what to make next.
I have a few projects but not for this account.
So what should i make next guys, I'll take anything, haha?

what is up?!

2011-02-27 10:14:42 by Baby3ater

Fookin' bitches, just moving up the list and scoring zeros to songs. I had like 5 songs with around 4.45 and now they all 4.30-JESUS CHRIST! Mothafukkas! Its really pissing me off. I mean if your song sucks ppl ae gonna hear that. So whats the point in ranking your own song up, so when others hear it, it sucks!
Im not the only one. i have a bunch of other great artists on here that get the same problem.
But what ever, "haters goin' hate"

Love that stereo =]

2011-01-09 19:06:10 by Baby3ater

Im gonna upload a remix of Stereo Love soon!

Lost Worlds Remix

2011-01-02 10:30:03 by Baby3ater

Im gonna upload a remix of Lost Worlds soon.

New sounds

2010-09-23 22:57:27 by Baby3ater

So im not gonna be making anymore music for a while. So enjoy these couple of tracks ive made over the summer.


2010-04-15 19:07:06 by Baby3ater

Experimenting with new genre, trying to see if i can pull off some nice, sweet, mellow Liquid Dnb.



2010-04-13 17:35:42 by Baby3ater

Whats the good word?

How do i....

2010-04-12 02:42:46 by Baby3ater

Make an album?
Is there more to it than just ripping a CD?
Like how do i print the art onto the disc, shit like that. I really wanna make an album and start a demo.

Made a new song!!!

2010-04-11 17:18:22 by Baby3ater

well it's more of a preview of a song, but you should listen anyway!

Check out my older songs...

2010-04-08 19:41:04 by Baby3ater

I just think they are good and are similar to stuff i make now. Just saying that these songs are not the only good Dance/Techno/Electro songs i got.